Covid-19: Society Overates The Roles Of Clergymen And Government – Godspower Oshodin

In the light of the recent scourage that currently ravages the universe, renowned media mogul and President of the Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Mr. Godspower Oshodin has sparked up an online sensation with his outpour on the society’s over-rating of the clergymen and government’s effort to affect the welfare of the people as well as their roles and effort to impede the spread as well as providing solutions to cases of persons infected with Covid-19.
Godspower Oshodin who is also the publisher of Naija Gists and Gossips Newspaper (, an online media platforms that serves as mediating source for credible informations which centres on enlightening the public top and up to date stories from around the globe noted that in critical conditions as this, the religious leaders are yet to impact on their followers considering the supports and commitments they have enjoyed from the followers in the past.
He also took the time out to add his voice on the unfair treatment metted on the people by the government, he peached that the government has neglected the aspect of actually ensuring that the welfare of the citizens is comprehensively managed while they lay claims to their over-workings in a bid to curb the spread of the cornonavirus.
Here’s what he wrote: I don’t like Religion. Is it not obvious that religion is fraud? It was well crafted and sold to the black race crookedly.
The average African is extremely religious, but they’re not Godly.
At this junction, where are our so called religious leaders at this period when a lab-crafted Pandemic is slowly recycling the world?. Our Religious Leaders should be creative enough to still digitally return all the returns from the tithes its members have paid over time. They need it more than you. I heard you are all still streaming digitally.
It is time to tell your followers the truth about how God truly function; and not just monetizing their religious conscience through your contrived inspirations. I bet this moment would help millions of us the opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves and think about what brought us this far. The world is deeper than we think. Our system is broken, they’re all just out there for themselves.
Your so called Leaders are bunch of business men posing is stained political regalia. Nigeria is a massive Fraud. A geographical contraption built on Fraud. Of course it is getting obvious to the Nigerian Youths that Nigeria is only a Business deal between a Government and a Conglomerate. Our so called Leaders would always treat Nigeria like Business, that is the template on how Nigeria was built, the original intention was to monetize the system within a few individuals.
Our independence was obviously negotiated, our constitution is simply explanatory that we would actually know they doctored the system for a few power Brokers. If the Nigerian Youths can’t take time to reflect now, we continue to linger in that false hope of you being the leaders of tomorrow; it is their prefix they signature in our tender minds. Where is the hope, when we still bargain with what they give to us. You can fight for your right from your doorstep, via the internet space (at least that doesn’t need bureaucracy to survive), or through your sincere cubic pen.
Our system has been raped! Nigeria has been on the dining table for too long. This whole pandemic should open our minds this time, not just our eyes. Maybe when all this is over, we would realise that our lessons was hidden inside the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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