LASPOTECH Crisis: Group Lists 7 Demands From Sanwo-Olu

Following the recent crises in the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), a coalition comprising WorkBond International Network (WIN), United Action for Democracy (UAD), and other civil society organisations’ intervention platforms have demanded 7 things from the Lagos State Government.

The group believes that the 7 demands would resolve the crises grounding academic and administrative activities in the school.

The demands are:

1.      Immediate and unconditional reinstatement of the NASU

2.      Immediate inauguration of an independent VISITATION PANEL with Democratic representation.

3.      Reversal of the stoppage of CONTISS 15 Migration Salary Scheme which was implemented in 2016.

4.      Suspension of the current Management of the institution pending the recommendations of the Visitation Panel to engender fair and equitable operational atmosphere.

5.      Immediate Reinstatement of ASUP.

6.      A special Inquiry into the conditions or incarceration of the 38 staff which has led to the death of Comrade Owolabi Sunday.

7.      Halt of all forms of military siege on LASPOTECH.

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