Bekwarra Local Delicacy (ikwan)

A TRIP TO BEKWARRA. The Bekwarra locally baked delicacy.
By Ushie S. A
We have heard several stories of how people troop into this land called Bekwarra just to purchase their locally made delicacy (ikwan). Sometimes it keeps me wondering why someone stays in Abuja, Lagos and as far as northern part of Nigeria and will still send home travellers to buy this baked food for him or her. It is on this note that I had to undergo a very imperative research to get details of what this is all about.
The importance of the local food called ikwan in Bekwarra cannot and can never be over stressed because of its enormous benefits ranging from health and financial elevation.
Now, in Bekwarra local government of Cross River State. There are two types of this local food. One is called ikwan umo (water moi moi) and ikpachim. The ikwan umo has several compositions like cray fish, onions, pepper and it is majorly made from bambara nut (ashi) either fresh or socked in water. But this same ashi can be converted to Ikpachim when it becomes dry, you ground it into flour and use it for same purpose but it will not taste same. The ikpachim is stronger than the ikwan umo that is soft. While preparing this, it can either be tied using waterproof (waterproofu- it is Bekwarralized) or you use a fresh leaf� to tie it. Beans can also be used. It will be soackin water then the chaff remove after that, you cook it and then spray it on a pefurated iron and then remove the fire and allow only the heat to dry it.
It is historically significant to note that the Bekwarra people have long histories attached to this local food. No average man or woman in Bekwarra that doesn’t taste this food.
It has also helped in reducing the rate of malnutrition in Bekwarra because of body food like Fat and oil, cray fish, protein etc. This has reduced the rate of kwashiokor in the community because as early as possible in the morning, the local food is ready and families used it as breakfast to prepare them for what to prepare.
It has also helped in financial elevation of our women because they used their profit for daily contribution and also age grade meeting every Sunday and also has sent and sponsor their children to higher Institutions, build bungalows,etc with this business. Our ladies take pride in doing this because it is part of the Bekwarra culture.
Just a trip Bekwarra will end your malnutrition. Just have a taste of it.
Proudly Bekwarra.
Ushie S. A

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